Nowadays, builders are facing land prices out of control so they are forced to build smaller units in their condominiums as a way to retain their fixed costs while maximizing their profits. This concept comes from the good ole term many of us have come to hear in our lives and it’s called “Supply & Demand”.

It’s all good that the builders are being fiscally responsible to their share holders and to their personal wallets; however, consumers or buyers of these newer condos have to work with less space (square footage) even though the basic furniture we have become accustomepd to having in our lifestyles have remained the same. In fact the size of our sofas and mattresses have increased in size and many people have started “bulk buying” food and even basic necessities such as shampoos which basically take up more of our precious smaller spaces.

As a result, the new trend these days is to use simple and modern clean lines that create a sense of bigger spaces. Built-in refrigerators, microwaves, and ovens are becoming a favourite choice to minimalize bulky spaces especially in kitchens. In new detached homes which are also facing the same loss of square footage, the same trends are very ubiquitous – open space living with built-in spaces. Even the use of toilets such as PursuadeĀ®CurvĀ are incredibly popular for it’s sleek and modern design that creates a very modern feel of a usually boring space in the washroom.

Even using a modern looking sink basin with a modern faucet will provide comfort and the facade of more space. Check out our line of modern faucets (link to our suppliers or products) and come in for a customized counter tops.

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