Is remodeling my house a wise investment?

For most people, buying a house is not only an emotional roller coaster ride but it will for most people be the most expensive purchase of their lives. Unfortunately, the home purchase process usually will take up to 25 years of paying off a mortgage. Another difficulty that many of us including myself have to endure is the maintenance of our homes and upgrading of the most used areas of our homes which are usually the Kitchens, Washrooms, Family rooms and Basements since the living rooms end up being used for guests visiting only. 

It is widely known that an upgraded kitchen can add up to 10% value to a homes overall price when compared to a similar sized home with an old outdated kitchen since more 70% of the time, a family spends it's time in and around this very important room of a house (outside of sleeping). It is also a known fact that real estate agents tend to try to focus new buyers to a potential home in the kitchen so an updated kitchen is vital to a home's overall value and can easily help a potential buyer to decide on purchasing a particular house or not.

Where should I focus my renovation?

The second most important area of a home are the washrooms. Most people want to wind down by taking a warm bath in a lovely bathtub or a longer than usual shower after a long day at work. Obviously their are other more relationship related reasons for having a warm and welcoming washroom as well. Again, many home buyers tend to focus their attention on the fixtures and quality of these fixtures in washrooms when evaluating a potential home purchase since most people want a perfect dream house when purchasing for the first time or upgrading to a better home and outdated fixtures can often become the "deal killer".

A third important area of home is the family rooms or often the basements of homes as the potential tipping point for either buying or walking away from purchasing a home. It is always strongly recommended to update a family and or build the basement of a home to increase the livable space of a home that can also add to the value of every home.

The question becomes which contractor should I hire?

At Taps&Stone, we have been helping families by providing them with the best "trending" ideas and ultimately the best products to achieve the goals of maintaining and remodeling of our customer's biggest investments, their homes for over 10 years. Not only do we guarantee the best prices for the best quality products in the industry but we also provide the biggest variety of products ranging from Cabano, Grohe, Hansgrohe, ToTo, Duravit, Rubinet, Graff, Victoria & Albert, Water Stone and many more. We also can place special orders from anywhere around the world to meet every specific request. It is much more easier to come to visualize the remodeling of a particular room in your precious house by visiting our Showroom to speak to our experts.

In addition to viewing our showroom, our customers can order customized cabinets, millwork, and special flooring items that are designed and made directly in our warehouse by our own staff so you don't have to pay the middle man to reduce your custom cabinet costs and flooring costs.

With our expert tradesmen (not a one man handyman), our staff will expertly design, install, and build out any room of your most important investment, your lovely home with the best materials at the best possible prices under industry standards.

You can also ask for help in getting you Financing through our vast network of financing companies to help with making upgrading and Remolding a cost effective reality.

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