From the ‘why’ to ‘how’, this article will help you incorporate bathroom showrooms into your bathroom renovation process.

What is a showroom?

A showroom is a space where customers can browse a wide range of products and interact with bathroom and design experts. As a result, visitors get to experience how a product will function and look in their own bathrooms. Considering the amount of time you may be spending in this space, getting a feel of how the cabinets open, how the tiles feel, and how the shower doors close is paramount to helping you achieve a bathroom that delivers both in beauty and comfort.


What are the benefits?

Three main benefits of showrooms are:

  1. Ability to interact with products beforehand: as mentioned above, the ability to actually touch and use the products you’ve viewed online is very valuable. Unlike retail stores where everything is individual, separated, or in stock rooms, within a showroom you can view various pieces in one setting. As a result, you can see how the lighting looks in real life, get a feel for the function of the product, and lastly how the product feels.
  2. Design inspiration: another advantage of showrooms is being able to see what pieces you need for certain design needs. Not only can you see how to achieve a certain look, you are also exposed to more design ideas.
  3. Showroom expert’s expertise: last but not least, the need for showroom expertise is not to be underestimated. Showroom personnel can offer answers not only to design, budgeting, and product information but also more detailed questions like plumbing needs, or water pressure.


So which store’s showroom should you go to?

  1. Style and price variety: If you are just starting your DIY or renovation project, visiting a store with a variety of showroom options can be extremely helpful in helping you understand your preference. Be sure to also choose one that offers various pricing options.
  2. High level of expertise: Though this may be more difficult to judge, one good indicator is looking for a company that incorporates budgeting and personal services into their showroom areas. This will allow you to obtain consultants that not only know know their own products, but also ones that will help you achieve the look you want within your budget
  3. Good track record: one great way to look for a credible and knowledgeable company is by taking a look at how long they’ve been around and the reviews they get. If the company has been around for more than a decade, they will likely have extensive industry experience.

Visiting a bathroom showroom is a great step towards achieving your perfect bathroom with both a high level of beauty, and comfort. Understanding that service is of the utmost importance, Taps and Stone delivers a personalized experience with consultants that actually listens to your needs and incorporates your costs into the equation. With our expertise,  we can help bring your renovation visions to life!