You make your washrooms the favourite rooms of your house easily by using the clean lines, patterns, and geometric shapes to allow a sleek and modern feel without breaking the bank account.

Most people dont realize the importance of a welcoming washroom considering how most people start their days from their washrooms. From brushing your teeth, to getting the cobwebs cleared with a warm shower. The most banal morning activities in the washroom such as brushing your teeth over a beautiful vanity by Kohler to winding down in a Kardiel pedestal tub can bring clarity and rid the body and mind of stress in the morning and or at night.

Mid-century modern design is architectural, furniture, graphic and interior style of the mid-19th century 1933-1965. Geometric shapes, natural colors and straight lines are all part of mid-century modern design. Bathroom furniture is a great place to start when designing your bathroom. Create a focal point by placing a modern chair in the corner or even a small sofa. Look for patterns and colors that fit into those categories when looking for what type of faucet, mirror and fixtures you are choosing to place in your modern bathroom.

To achieve such a welcoming and beautiful washroom, you dont need a big space BUT the key tips are to use high quality materials and fixtures. The saying “you get what you pay for” should be the underlying key words to keep in mind. The most surprising aspect of remodeling your washroom with such quality brand names is that it doesn’t have to as expensive as most people think but you must come to a supplier like Taps&Stone where you will be able to get quality fixtures at a very reasonable price that won’t break the bank.

You should also try to keep the space as clutter free as possible by using and open and organic space. Designing built-in shelving and cabinetry to hide unwanted personal items is always as easy way to make a smaller space or room look loftier and bigger.

How often do we use the overtly large sqaure bathtubs that use up most of the space in your washrooms. To take back your space and to add a modern focal point to your washroom, placing a free standing tub such as one by Waterworks is perfect.