Designing your bathroom from scratch can be a stressful process, especially with the amount of options out there – from semi-custom to custom vanities – but it can also be very enjoyable and rewarding achieving the right aesthetic and comfort. That’s why we’ll be breaking down a simple step-to-step guide on how you can curate the best bathroom vanity for you.


Before you start, research and consider the aesthetic you’re aiming for – this can help get you excited and ready for the design inspirations. From Contemporary  to modern  to traditional, taking a few looks at overall design aspects will give you a good scope of the type of vanity that would suit your bathroom and home.


Time  to grab the measurements of your bathroom! Given bathroom size limitations, measure your bathroom and think about where you want your vanity to be placed and how much storage space you need.

Here are a few dimensions to consider:

  1. Width: the length of your vanity, size to size measurement
  2. Depth: taking into account walkways, doors, and storage drawers, map out how deep your vanity can be.
  3. Height: you can usually choose the height of your vanity. Take into consideration how comfortable you will be at the height chosen.

For a measurement guide, click here.


The type of sink, vanity and the method they are installed is highly dependent on the size of your bathroom. With a large bathroom, you have the option to install multiple sinks (like in a master) and aim for ample storage space while small bathrooms require more design considerations that prevent it from making the space too overwhelming. It’s best to keep these thoughts in mind while shopping for a vanity.


Armed with your bathroom measurements, it’s time to consider different options for your sink.

  1. Under-mount sinks: have no exposed edges and are designed to be installed under the counter.
  2. Self rimming: the sink drops into the counter and  has exposed edges resting on top.
  3. Vessel: the entire sink unit sits on top of the counter service.


Free Standing Vanities

Cabinet vanity: the most classic and common style of bathroom vanity. This type of vanity offers maximum storage. You can opt for semi-custom or stock cabinets, though a custom cabinetry is ideal since you can design the amount of storage that fits in your space. This is especially important in a small bathroom.

Pedestal  Sinks: Pedestal Sinks takes up the least space and offer the most open feeling in a cramped bathroom. Since there are essentially no storage designed into a pedestal sink, this is best for a guest bathroom or one that doesn’t require much storage. Otherwise, consider accessories such as shelves or baskets to provide some storage in a limited space.

Console sinks: provide a small amount of storage while still promoting open, airy feeling.

Wall Mounted Vanities

Cabinet vanity: Wall mounted cabinets usually have no legs and float on a wall. They offer storage solutions in a small bathroom while also maintaining an open floor space.

Corner Mounted

Saving space is the priority, and corner mounted vanities are the best option. They fit right into the corner of a small bathroom.

Never has there been a better time to be a consumer. With the power of the internet you’re able to sort through thousands of options and completely educate yourself on how best to optimize your space. No longer do you need to walk into a store nervous about a potential scam. The tech experts from WiseTech Report recommend doing a deep dive on the product your interested in, and reading many positive and negative reviews to get the top to bottom idea of the product. The more images the better, and opportunities to go in and actually engage with the product add a tangible aspect so you are confident with your purchase.

Whether you live in a small space or a large space, custom options are always the easiest and best method to achieve the most customized vanity for your desired aesthetic, size, and storage. If you’re tight for budget or are uncertain, opt for a store that carries both quality popular brands and offers custom vanities (such as Taps and Stone). Armed with these options, you will find the most suitable vanity for your bathroom!